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Best Electric Blanket for Your Car

The same way your heating pads operate, the electric blankets utilize insulated heating elements embedded into the fabric that heats when the blanket is plugged in.

The temperature control unit on the blanket determines the current running through the elements and the quantity of heat.

To get higher value from the blanket, it is crucial to only pick the best. In this post, we bring you tips for selecting the best electric blanket for car.

Pick from the best manufacturer

While more manufacturers have started generating the electric blanket for cars, picking the best ones has become even more difficult. While new manufacturers can still make very innovative electric blankets, it is advisable to stick to those companies that have been tested and proven to deliver high quality.

Consider top companies that have been in the market for some time and their brands have won the affection of many users.

Long warranty for the electric blanket

Just like other electrical components, you can only be assured that the electric blanket is the best if it has been designed using the best technology.

When a company attaches a warranty to an item, it ensures that there are no flaws that can result in product returns and even refunds.

Remember that the electric blanket’s warranty should be binding and put down in writing so that making claims becomes easy.

High quality of the fabric and heating element

When you think of the best electric blanket for your car, everything should narrow down to quality. Here, the focus should be on four key components. First, you should carefully check the heating elements.

Because these are hidden within the fabric, you will need to go with the manufacturer specification.

You should also carefully check the fabric to ensure that the fabric covers the elements completely for extra safety.

The last two components to check carefully are the temperature control units. These should be carefully designed to ensure that the temperatures only remain within the recommended level.

Note that just like other electric components; you should never buy an electrical component without having it tested.

This will guarantee you that all the components are working as expected.

Feedback from past users and expert reviews

If you are new to electric blankets, it might be hard to easily pick the best. The surest way to identify the best electric blanket for your car in such a situation will be reading reviews.

Past users are very useful because they give an unbiased report of what they experienced after buying specific electric blankets. If you find that so many clients complained about the control unit of a specific blanket, the best thing is looking for an alternative to avoid falling into the same problem.

You should also read the expert reviews that bring a professional dimension on what you understand about electric blankets.

Unlike user feedbacks, professionals go deeper to evaluate whether the technology used to make the blankets is okay. In many cases, they even compare blankets so that users can easily pick the best pieces for their cars.


What You Should Consider Before a Long Road RV Trip

What is the best way to travel and have fun during the holiday? While many people will tell you flying to a destination hotel or taking a cruise ship, there is one more option; using a recreational vehicle.

Taking a recreational vehicle is really fun because you travel with the entire house. It is like carrying the entire home to the destination.

The recreational vehicle is less costly and gives you absolute control of where and when to visit.

For some people, the recreational vehicles are carefully designed to include all modern technologies such as fast internet to stay in connection with friends and colleagues at work.

To enjoy every minute of the trip, it is important to prepare appropriately. The following is what you should consider before a long road RV trip. –

Identify the appropriate routes and create a timeline

The routes you will take are very important because they define how easily you can get to the destination.

You can get these using appropriate digital and physical maps that show the roads and descriptions of the target area.

Make sure to also follow the latest reports from the target destination.

You need to establish the actual timelines that you will be on the road and a specific destination. This is critical in planning for fuel and budgeting.

For example, if you plan to stop in the Rockies for a weekend before heading the great Canyons, it will be easy to maximize the travel.

Draw a budget for the travel

Whether you are traveling alone, with a lover, or entire family, you must get the cost equation right. Every component on the road will have some cost implication.

From fuel to entry into nature parks and shopping, you have to set enough funds.

Take a closer look at the targeted destination for a pre-assessment of the total amount of money needed. Do not forget to set aside additional miscellaneous cash to cater for hidden costs.

Get appropriate RV insurance

When you set out on the road, accidents cannot be ruled out. Note that while you can be extra careful and stay away from accidents, some of them are inevitable.

What you require is a comprehensive cover so that the insurance company can take responsibility for repairs or replacement in case of an accident.

Take the RV for inspection

A long road trip away from home is likely to cause a lot of stress on the tires, engine, and other parts of the vehicle.

You should, therefore, take the car for a checkup to ensure that the most critical parts are replaced, and others reinforced. In particular, you should have the vehicle oils such as brake oil topped, the brakes repaired, water topped and the lights in working condition.

The mechanic will also help you to know what to carry during the road trip for minor repairs. For example, you need spare wheels, ample fuel, jack, tool box, additional bulbs and others.

While traveling on a long trip using an RV is really fun, it is crucial to prepare appropriately to prevent minor damages cutting the vacation.

You should ensure that the vehicle is in top condition and pack everything from cooking items to cleaning utilities.

RV Accessories for winter

Are you planning to go camping in winter? It can be the most enthralling thing to do because you can holiday with a difference.

Whether you want to ski in the mountains or want to participate in winter cycling competitions, camping in a nearby area will be the best thing to do.

As you prepare your RV and head to the campsite of choice, here are the most important accessories.

RV tire covers:

Tire covers are critical in keeping your RV in top conditions. By protecting the wheels from snow, all the metallic and joined parts will not suffer from regular contraction and expansion that can damage them.

Cordless vacuum cleaner:

An RV at a campsite is a home that must be properly maintained at all times. A cordless vacuum cleaner will make the vehicle clean, fresh, and enjoyable to stay in.

RV tire pressure monitor and spare tires:

The monitor shows you the lever of pressure so that you do not drive a deflated vehicle and cause more damage. If you note that a deflated tire, it is important to change it immediately to avoid getting stuck on the road.

First aid box:

Note that an RV is just like any other vehicle. Therefore, you must have a first aid box to treat minor injuries, cuts, and bumps if they happen on the road or even at the campsite.

RV tool box:

The RV toolbox contains everything that you might require in case of a breakdown. It comprises of spanners of all sizes, jerk, brake oil, and sparking plugs.

Remember also to carry your recovery service provider number in case of a major breakdown that requires full attention.

Power backup and spotlights:

If the campsite you will be visiting does not have electricity supply, it is important to have a generator to power your laptop, phones, and television.

Other lighting accessories might include lanterns, spotlight, and lighters.

RV shelter style canopy:

To protect the RV, it is important to carry a canopy tent. This is a tent that covers the RV completely to protect it from direct impacts of snow.

RV Portable heaters:

If kit gets too cold outside the RV, you will want to get inside and enjoy some warmth. Besides, you will also want the nights to be warmer. A portable heater will supply all the heat that you require to enjoy all the moments inside the RV.


Ropes are invaluable in any RV because of their diverse uses. You can use the ropes to make clothes hanging line, fasten the tent or get towed if the vehicle is stuck.


If the campsite is located away from the main roads, there is a probability it will not have good cell phone signal. To avoid getting lost, it is advisable to carry the right maps so that you can trace the camping ground easily.

5 Best Portable Generators for RV

The best camping sites are inside the woods and deep into the wilderness where one can get the real connection to nature. In top camping sites, you can hike, watch birds, and enjoy the picturesque sceneries of the uninterrupted natural world.

To get this thrill, you will need power for the RV so that you can power the laptop, tablets, and smartphones to stay in communication with friends back at home, workplace colleagues, or your employees.

In order to reduce noise levels, best way is to get a quiet portable generator suitable for camping. Here are five best portable generators for recreational vehicles.

Thus he WEN 1800-Watt Portable Generator

This generator provides you with a reliable source of power for all RV activities in a campsite.

The 1800 surge watts and 1500 running watts, campers are sure of running everything from microwave, computers, sump pump, slow cooker, refrigerator, and television.

It features an internal cooling system and low oil shut down that helps to protect it from damage.

Duro Max Gas Powered XP 4400E Portable Generator

This generator is perfectly mounted on wheels to make movement easy and help keep above the ground.

It supplies 120 volts and has a large tank of 4 gallons. Note that the generator has a number of output including 250 volts, 120 volts, 12 volts, 20 amps, and 30 amps. When half loaded, it will power your RV for about 8 hours.

Yamaha 2000is EF Gas Powered Generator

For campers who do not want a lot of noise, a better option is the Yamaha 2000is EF Gas Powered Generator.

The generator is designed with a special spark arrestor that makes the machine very quiet at 54.5 dba. It weighs only 44 pounds and will go for about 12 hours at half load. It also features an inverter system and will supply 1600 running watts and a surge of 1600 watts. Many campers find it irresistible because of its efficiency and durability.

Champion Power Equipment Gas Powered 46539 Portable Generator

If you need a lot of power on your RV, a great option will be the Champion Power Equipment Gas Powered 46539 Portable Generator. It is fitted on two wheels and a frame with a handle for portability.

It weighs only 140 pounds and will deliver 12 hours of power at half load. The output 3500 running watts and 4000 surge which is enough to power he refrigerator, RV heaters, washing machine, microwave, and computers among others.

Honda EU2000iA Companion Portable Generator – CARB Compliant

This portable generator has an inbuilt 30 amps receptacle which makes it very easy to connect to standard cables and power your RV.

It generates constant power to run your electronics, cookers, and charge batteries. It has a 4-stroke air cooled engine that makes it very efficient for standard RV camping that does not alloy of power.

Campers love it because it is light, quiet, and fuel efficient. You can power the microwave, refrigerator, computer, washing machine, and heater among other items.